Company Profile

Barkha Farms Pvt. Ltd is the floriculture sub-unit of Nath Group. It is the largest provider of the premium Orchid species- Dendrobiums, Cattelya and Vanda, in India. Barkha Farms is spread over a sprawling eight acre farm area at Issarwadi, Paithan near Aurangabad. It was setup in 1994 and has been instrumental in introducing new tissue cultured varieties of Orchids of high quality in the Indian floriculture market. We experimented cultivating the Orchid plants in rock, coal, wood and coconut husk. Finally, we opted for coconut husk because of its superior water retention capacity and uniqueness as a root media. Nath Group ventured into floriculture after having achieved specialization in growing field and vegetable crops under its agricultural flagship company, Nath Biogenes (I) Ltd.

Orchids have always intrigued and captured the attention of nature lovers across India and continue to remain among the favourites amongst customers. Dendrobiums are especially a very sturdy and appealing variety amid all the Orchid species. They are quite appealing and are used as gifts, bouquets and decorations. They are fancy and polished, and are also kept at houses, hotels and offices.


Over the last 15-years we have experimented and stabilised 12 to 15 varieties of Dendrobium Orchids which are suitable to survive and sustain in the ever changing Indian climatic conditions. Some of these are Ear Sakul, Charming White, Bangkok Blue, Julie Red, Queen Pink, Green, and Sanan White.

Now the company is into an innovation mode and has plans to venture into newer varieties of miniature Orchids, Vandas and Oincidiums, which would also be very popular in India

Orchid Pots:

Orchids can be grown in plastic/clay/paper pots. Potted Orchids are easy to store and retain moisture for a longer duration. They can be used as decorations for beautifying gardens, houses, offices and hotels.